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Friday, May 30, 2008

Hot Offers!

It's hot, hot and hot here!
Summer's making its presence felt and the recent days so far has been a testimony to this as I get to see the Sun starting to break through the dark as early as 5.00+ a.m. There had been a few showers now and then but they always give way back to the sunny disposition of the day - i.e it gets hot again!

Thank goodness for the invention of the electric fan!... :-)

Meanwhile, I have settled the exam dates, with a minor change:
3 June - History and Theology of Prayer, 11.00 a.m.
11 June - Ave Maria in History, Arts and Culture, 11.10 a.m.
12 June - Infallibility, 4.45 p.m.
17 June - History of Spirituality (Pt 2), 11.40 a.m.
19 June - Wisdom For the Journey (Spiritual Direction), 3.40 p.m.

Since I finished my last class for the semester today, I have to begin some serious revision from tomorrow onwards and to deal with the whole 'evil' that are the exams. All of the subjects will be in oral and it is the usual 10 minutes duration. So much to remember in so little time. I can sympathise now with the contestants who have the honour of getting the 'hot seat' in the 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' show.

Oh, by the way, speaking of 'Millionaire', the spam filter over at my email account seems to be a little off lately because it let in several items that purported to make me a millionaire provided I give them my particulars, etc, etc. I know I won't be fooled by such offers but I know of others who had been taken for a very expensive ride by these spammers/tricksters! That these kind of spam/offers/get-rich-quick schemes continue to make their rounds in cyberspace attest to the gullibility and greed of person(s) that can still be found in huge numbers on the Internet.

That's the wonder and craziness of human nature!...


Young Minstrel said...

in a nutshell la..why the hype about landing on the north pole of Mars?

*sick but help out in tomorrow's wedding*

Anonymous said...

young minstrel , the hype that is so profound with science on this subject is supposted to be the theory that, were there is water (in this case even frozen scant remmnants ) theroetically there is supposted to be, or have been, life. now that said, it also is the not so much talked about hype, or I would say their (h-o-p-e) to prove that we are not the only living people/beings that exist in the universe which would, in theroy , bolster the idea that science has all the right/only answers and the uselessness and nieve thinking that religion has in God. Basicly it is the old relative secularism (that John Paul II wrote about in his writtings ), vs ,their fear of the truth of God being Creator and the author of life and being subject to that authority ( mostly due to the fact that we as creatures are by our nature limited in knownlage and understanding of that which God has created ), now that said, I,m not by anymeans including all scienstist and the whole of the scientific community ,but there is a large enough segiment that harbor this exact sentiment. A large enough segiment that influnce and pander to this guarded hope ,so much so ,that they see Mars as earth,s salvation in many varied respects. one most in particular is the idea to colonize life on Mars before earth is polluted beyond repair /or has all its resorces used up making it inhabitable. you may laugh ,but this is their motivation. In other words their saying that "God cannot multiply the Bread ". You could say that this is just my opinion ,but you should ck it out for yourself in the scienctific community (this blog "Adaptive Complexity" is a good example ) let me know what you think after checking it out. sorry Fr. for so long a comment but I think it bears hearing. _Bob_

mumbley said...

Hey Fr Aloy,

Good luck for your exams! I get my results today in 2 hours time!!!

Anonymous said...

Once again, good luck with the Holy Spirit. Will bribe Him to let you pass your exams with flying colors. Ho ho ho! :-D


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