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Monday, March 24, 2008

Wet, Wet, Wet!

Well, Easter has finally arrived and now we move towards the Octave season with all those 'Alleluias' that seem to ring on and on until you feel that enough is enough!...

The Easter celebration here was very much like a wet blanket because since Friday night, it has been plagued by rain and the drizzle which went on non-stop till today. It was cold, wet and utterly dreary that especially spoilt my Easter Sunday outing at the Vatican piazza. Having gotten tickets to attend the Mass, I had to leave an hour before it began because of the heavy downpour. Fr Nick and myself headed for the nearest church nearby and attended Mass there instead.

Plans for taking pictures and video of the Pope's Mass went down the gutter with the rain that continued to pour and made the day a total washout. Still, I managed to take a few shots while I could before the rains came. The rest of the day after that was spend lazing around and getting some forty winks before we headed down to our kitchenette to cook for ourselves dinner.

I hope you had a better Easter! To all my family, friends, you all know who you are, Happy Easter and may your week ahead be fruitful and blessed! ;-)

(Easter pics here!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Father,

Happy Easter to you too!
Christ is Risen!
Your reply:>______________

Yr sister-in-Christ

ClappingTrees said...

Hi, Fr Aloysius. A very happy Easter to you! How I wish I could be in Rome too. Er, probably not in this rainy season. And I've just had a great Holy Week retreat. Still, revisiting Rome as a Catholic is a long-cherished dream.

Unknown said...

@clapping trees: dream hard enough and it may just come true! ;-)


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