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Friday, March 21, 2008

CatholiCircus #2

Welcome to another round of CatholiCircus. Being Holy Week, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight a few thoughts running round the blogosphere which offer food for reflection while we wait in silence for Easter to break through the seemingly gloom of death and suffering. So...

It's Friday of Holy Week and also known as Good Friday. One in which God was put to death. However, we all know it is the end that matters. In the end, it was really one that death dies. Speaking of which, the meditation for this year's Via Crucis at the Colosseum done by Cardinal Zen reflects on the ongoing suffering which the Church and her members continue to face through the 'Colosseums' of different kinds.

An interesting question posed about the Jesus of Good Friday - did he know what he was getting himself into? A purely secular ad proposed that if Jesus had the privilege of using modern technology, perhaps his death would be prevented! You will just have to form your own opinions on this...

Elsewhere, another interesting situation arises whereby, even among Catholics, this may seem out of the ordinary or going too literal with Catholic mentality (Singapore style). However, I see her point and it is hard to see how we can get out of this situation and carry our faith beyond mere words and utterances.

Attending the Chrism Mass yesterday, which was done in Latin was quite fascinating, especially when you hear so much about this kind of celebration and wonder what the fuss is all about. It helped that they gave out the Mass booklet for all to follow - in Latin and Italian. A kind soul here provided a starter's guide to the Latin prayers, which will go along way to begin appreciating the language which many say is dead...

I taught three priest friends from this Collegio here how to do up a blog for they were enthralled by the possibilities of the power of this medium to speak to their respective people back home. So after some hands-on and walkthrough, came the birth of kuntiak, hehbre and dakun. So, drop by their blogs and say hello! They welcome your say... ;-)

Lastly, another tongue-in-cheek from CurtJester who sneakily managed to retort without incurring a formal fatwa!

So, till the next circus, have a good Holy Week! :-)

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