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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Waiting for an End...

For some, especially those of you in Singapore, it is already 2008. Here, as I pen this, it is still 2007 and with two and a half hours left to go.

How fast the year seems to have flown past, you may say. Perhaps, it is because we don't really expect it to end so soon! ;-) However, since I am here in Rome, I am desperately waiting for the days to go by quickly, so that I can head back to Singapore and not worry about:

a. not receiving letter/packages from Singapore because they get utterly lost in the local mail when they get here
b. the thought of walking to the university because of the transport strikes that can happen anytime
c. the thought of walking back home from anywhere because the buses stop after midday because it is public holiday like Christmas and New Year
d. having to wear layers of clothing to fend off the cold and have to bear with rashes because of these layers of clothing

In about two hours from now, a small group of Malaysians and myself will be celebrating our own New Year mass of thanksgiving as we welcome 2008. I am just thankful that I have managed to stay alive through the year 2007 and make it, albeit a little knocked up here and there, into 2008!

So, what was I wanting to say?... Oh yes! Have a blessed New Year and catch you all in 2008! :-D

(Fr Wilbert - India [l], Fr Nicholas - M'sia [far r], Fr Paul - India [back]. taken in kitchenette at basement)


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!! Fr. Aloysius

Anonymous said...

a) what are you still expecting from singapore? seriously though, postmen do not work on holidays!
c) did I say learn to drive? =P
d) hahaha, give me that ANY DAY and I'll trade looking like a big fat pau then to wear thin clothes.

lol, we are never happy, are we?

Unknown said...

designer: see here to understand what I mean about (a),(b) and (c)

Anonymous said...

rofl, I didn't know it was THAT bad. the threate one was hilarious, like our bus stops here. the bus was even MORE hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Fr Aloy,

Hang in there, THIS TOO WILL PASS!

Missing you in Singapore, hopefully you will be home in good time to bless our home-away-from-home!

God bless you for doing HIS wishes... Love and hugs!


Unknown said...

designer: ya! it's not abt whether can drive or not. it's all about service tothe commmon good of the people which seems un heard of here :-D

JN: keeping close tabs on the works mentioned on yr other blog! Happy New Year to you too! ;-)


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