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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Can It Be Any Worse?...

It's already the 7th day into the new year and this would be my first entry for 2008!

As I look at the days and months that went by, I am happy to see that I have just clocked up a little over 6 months of my stay here in Rome for studies. That means it is, about, another year and half left before I can get to really pack up and head back to the Garden City. :-)

Meanwhile, exams are looming and the subject to kick of this off for the examination weeks would be on the 30 January! Not that far away... I have a total of 6 subjects to be be examined on. I am now wondering how am I going to get through all that with a mind of an aging adult who has seen better days.... I am unable to retain memories as I used to before :-P But I need to pick up pace on my revision if I want to be sufficient ready for the dreaded exams.

On the other side of things, I have noticed that I haven't complain so much in my entire life till I came to Rome. It must be the 'super efficiency' effect of Singapore that is taken for granted by those of us living in the city-state which riles against all things inadequate or incompetent. It takes at least a month for any letter or package to reach its intended destination in Rome. Not that the journey takes a long time for the item to reach Italy but it is that the item under the ministration of the so-called postal service here takes its own sweet time to get distributed and sent out to the places it is suppose to go! Most, if not all, my mails/package thus far took an average of a little over 1 month to arrive. Imagine, I received the Archbishop's Christmas card for Fr Stanley and myself two days ago, on Saturday! I am just glad that the items arrived in one piece or that they arrived at all! Living here in Rome can be very trying on the dignity and competency of one's mind. You just do not know what these Romans will do next...

Enjoy your New Year and may it be a blessed one!

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