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Monday, November 26, 2007

The Missions

Still struggling with my assignments! I have to get all in order before the exams somewhere in January 2008. :-P I also have one project paper to do that accounts for 45% of the exam marks for one subject...

Meanwhile, life goes on.

We started our exhibition of the missions this weekend. All priests from the various countries were invited to set up a booth to illustrate their country they came from and highlight,whenever possible, missionary items or activities going on there. There are booths from various countries in Africa, India, China, S. America, Indonesia and of course, Singapore. We joined with Malaysia to set up a booth as we are few in numbers.

The array of items that were displayed for the exhibition is simply amazing! Posters, clothings, musical implements, books, magazines and ornaments. One booth even gave out peanuts to anyone who wanted to taste them :-D

What our booth lacked most was the Singaporean flag!....

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