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Saturday, November 17, 2007


The weather there has been rather messy lately with both the cold and the rain muddying things up a bit... :-P

I am already putting on three to four layers of clothing and it can be a bummer when you have to go to the bathroom with those layers to divest. The rain that drops in,now and then,makes the already cold day even more chilling and somewhat morose. You just do not want to go anywhere and stay put in your room. Thanks goodness for heaters in our rooms!

This evening, I went down to the basement for dinner. My Kiwi friends cooked rice and a dish that consisted of pork, carrots and some vegetable all put together which came out rather nice, in spite of its simplicity. We downed the meal with beer, Kiwi style. It was a pleasant time too as we chatted and shared our thoughts regarding our ministry and what irked us and what gave us hope. You can call this the male-priestly version of what happens when women get together over tea or something.

It is not always that we can find time like this to just sit around and interact in this manner. Most of the time, we are rushing around between here and our respective universities and worrying about our assignments, thesis, presentation, etc. This gathering is one luxury I don't mind having often... (just have to be prepared to wash the dishes afterwards!)


Young Minstrel said...

Paps..what is the path to my temp files? XP 2nd Edition, tried as i might to find but can't..i dun wan to run search cos tried n tried but cannot find :(


can help complete?

Anonymous said...

what/which temp files?


Young Minstrel said...

the one u tell me to find see if there's anything in the temp file when i ask about the imeem


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