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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The College

I am back at Rome!

The past few days have been hectic with conferences with the Vice Rectors, Spiritual Director and Administrator of this College as they spell out to us, new students staying at San Paolo, the various regulations and schedule of the whats and what-nots of this place.

I have been assigned my room and other necessary items and am now nicely settled in. Hence, this entry. Tomorrow, however, I shall be going to the Angelicum University to settle my registration for the course in Spirituality and to meet the Dean for an interview. I have no idea what will happen so, I shall have to wait and see what tomorrow brings! :-)

Meanwhile, the weather here is a little warmer compared to Terni and the mosquitoes are a real nuisance. Their sting is very sharp indeed!

Being in a country not your own, and far from families and friends, everything here can be very frightening! It is with God's providence that he has given me some good priests companions, who have journeyed with me since Terni days, to help in smoothing the days of our stay here. Still, there were many occasions that I missed my family and Singapore...

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Anonymous said...

Aloy! Arthur here, great to see that you've completed one hurdle. Congrats!

Now back at SPI and need your email.

PS if you need a distraction and want to see what I got up to in Boston, check this out:


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