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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hot Air!

On Sunday evening, I went up with the hot-air balloon! Along with me was another priest friend from India, called Saji. After two days of deliberating, we finally plucked up our courage and went for the ride that lasted for about 4 minutes. There was already a queue and we thought, being Sunday and all, it would be impossible for us to have a go. That Sunday was the last day for the balloon ride. But we waited patiently and were rewarded by that lift up into the sky! :-D

It was quite a short ride but because it was free, no one was complaining. This was part of the festivity at the park, just outside our Villa. The Villa's carpark was used as the place for this ride.

Meanwhile, the days remaining here for the Italian studies continue to edge closer to our date of completion and departure for the 17th September. This weekend on Saturday, we go for our last class outing to Loreto. This was supposed to be on the 8th September, but they brought forward the excursion to this weekend instead. Loreto is near the sea and the place where supposedly the house of Mother Mary when she lived in Nazareth was finally stationed after it was miraculously brought from Nazareth. Some may probably say this is all full of hot air! :-D

Whatever it is, this weekend may be a rather interesting outing by the beach with our Lady! ;-)


Unknown said...

See Father!
I told you that you have an interesting life!
Like who gets to sit a hot air balloon and go visit Loreto?
My gosh... haha
Anyway take care!


Anonymous said...

Huh? Won't you be in Loreto exactly a week before the Holy Fahter's visit? Not that one shoudln't visit it in the Holy Father's absence ...

Unknown said...

the papal visit is this weekend of the 25th Aug actually, the same day we are heading down to Loreto in the morning! :-D

maybe we get to see him too!...


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