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Monday, August 13, 2007

The Greatest Mistake of Our Lives!

A chat with the same Indian priest over dinner today in the dining hall, when commenting over another priest's sacerdotal annivesary, came up with this wicked anecdote: In India, they don't really give much attention to priestly anniversaries but more on birthdays. This is because, for any sacerdotal anniversaries there, it was akin to saying that the celebration is for one of making the biggest mistake of life... ;-)

We had some wine and gelato to celebrate that 'greatest mistake'.

It was a quiet and peaceful Sunday, nonetheless, with a spot of meteor watch later in the night. During the earlier part of the morning, there was a water and electricity outage due to maintenance work at the Villa. So, grabbed that chance and dropped into the main town, Centro, with Fr Richard and Fr Kevin for brunch over cappucino, pizzas and gelato. There wasn't much to see around town on Sundays as most of the shops were close and fewer people on the streets. For some parts, it was like a ghost town. Everything stops here on a Sunday!

Fr Richard Lawrenson, by the way, is that priest who celebrated his 'greatest mistake'! :-) Later in the night we, Richard and myself that is, had a good view of the meteor showers that is the Perseids! It started with a sudden streak in the northeastern sky that first caught my attention. Spend some hour and a half to get a glimpse of another 3 to 4 more we call it quits for the night.


Anonymous said...

Hey Father!
You have a really interesting life i think!
And it is all because you made the "greatest mistake!" lol...
God Bless!


Unknown said...

hehehe! mistake or not, it's the life I have to bear with now! ;-)


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