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Thursday, July 05, 2007

God Is There!

"...protect us day and night, so that we who under your guiding hand..."
Evening prayer, Week 4, Wednesday

That I am here in one piece and put through my paces for the work ahead and mingling with other brother priests brought to this part of the world with a sense of purpose by their respective bishops (vescovo), do say a lot as to what the prayer above would mean this evening!

That I managed to capture a profound image in the sky, and a natural one at that, with no particular extraordinariness and yet causes one to pause in wonder, says a lot more as to what all this may lead to!

It really has been an amazing journey with people, places, sights, sounds, smells and living that it is all to overwhelming to take this all in. I only have to recall my 4 years in Holy Family to capture that sense of awesomeness which I felt especially on the road of my ministry that continues to speak of interesting challenges ahead.

For now, all I need to do is to take one step at a time to clear this Italian language course before I embark onto the main course at hand. Meanwhile, it has been quite encouraging thus far and Professori Laura and Chinzia has been very patient with our classes. :-D Much of what we went through today is a refresher. But I have no illusions as to the challenges ahead to really converse and understand Italian.


guntrain said...

Hi Fr Aloysius, a pics that sets your imagination ticking. To me, its shows the hand of God reaching down to guide us. Amazing.

alvin mark said...

Good to see that you look up at the sky during the day too! ;O) 3 more days to go for me...


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