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Monday, March 12, 2007

Kueh Lapis Man

Smile and the whole world smiles with you!....

Well, that's the super optimist and almost sugary phrase from an old song of the 60s which I grew up with. For us who are now in the 21st century, purported more mature and worldly smart, this sentiment may no longer be of use. Or is it?

There is really no harm with smiling more often. Besides it works all the right muscles on your face that may give a better feel and a boost to that look-good factor. This can rub off on all those who meet you and put a smile on their face too. :-) See?...

It can also reminds us that we are do not have it all that bad in life, despite what life can throw at us. For every of our own problems, perceived or experienced, there are many others out there which are worst off borne upon by others. We need to count our blessings a little more (and we have lots!) rather than to curse our so-called lack.

As if to make a point for myself, I saw this kueh-lapis cake which came into my hands at a friend's Chinese New Year gathering several weeks ago without realising that it had a cheeky countenance by its side piece that seems to whisper, "Hey! Why the frown? Smile lah!" And it showed me how....

So, next time you feel you have suffered your worst, remember the kueh-lapis man! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Ciao Aloysius!

Jonathan from the Italian class here.


I got your blog address from your name card you gave out. Well, it's been nice knowing you! Hope to continue keeping in touch.

God Bless.

Young Minstrel said...

is it the Carrefour kueh-lapis prunecake?!!! I LIKE!!!!

Paps many events from the Deaf community at St Mary's go see!
(ps: open photos in new window)

recommend an animated movie "Surf's Up", a 'documentary' about the origins of surfing from penguins, trailer here

Anonymous said...

was feeling lousy abt a bad work day when i decided to take a break and take a look here for new posts ... i always forget to count my blessing ... its like a see saw one moment remembering and the next forgetting


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