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Thursday, March 08, 2007


I am trapped in this up-down cycle of my attempts to contain the flu and cough from getting out of hand. So far, with some help from leftover cough mixture from the last round, a pack of newly bought Decolgen and lots of lozenges, I managed to keep the worst at bay. But it is the pesky cough that is making my life miserable. It doesn't seem to go away as quickly as I would have it to. This constant effort to keep the cough away is very tiring and it is made worst by its irritating stubbornness of staying put. *bleeeaaaggh*

This has also put a curb, somewhat, to my star gazing activities of late and the lack of entries in my other blog. Speaking of blogs, I am noticing some problems with them updating accordingly even after publishing. I don't get my newly inserted entry being shown after I have published them on Blogger. *sigh*

Meanwhile, I am also investigating this strange occurance of our 3 Sea Avenue house auto-gate opening now and then when, supposedly, only our Office has the remote. Apparently, someone has another spare remote of ours and may be using this indiscriminately to open the auto-gate and use the porch area there over the night when the church closes for the day after 10 p.m. Strangely, the gate wasn't close the next day when whoever used it could do so. That was how we know about this discrepancy. We tried shutting off the power to the gate from our fuse box but the person knew how to switch it back on. Our fuse box has no facility to cater for any lacking facility as it only has a plastic cover that closes over the fuse box.

It's like, what the heck!... This is invasion/incursion of private property! Who gave this person the right to waltz in like that as he/she pleases?! That this has happened many times shows whoever is doing this is arrogant, dishonest, utterly thick-skinned and a downright thief! We have now resorted to lining some heavy dragon pots that are with plants/shrubs along the auto-gate (which swings inward) as a deterrent to see what happens next. If these get moved away then we know it is time for some real drastic measures!

Is there no more decency in the world today?!!.... *shake head*


Anonymous said...

Father Aloy, you can try chinese medicine.

When the cough gets persistence even after taking English medicine, then it is more than just cough that you are treating. Chinese medicine is able to help get to the "root" of the problem and will also strengthen your body to recover faster. I am sure because my family and myself have benefited from it.

There are quite a few medical halls in Parkway Parade that you can try or you can check who knows of a good chinese doctor.

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Re: Sea Ave problem

You obviously need a CCTV camera. :P But if the gate opens by itself and nothing gets captured on the camera, try holy water. :P

Anonymous said...

Fr Aloysius, for your cough, try pei pa koa, available off-the-shelf at NTUC or any Unity pharmacy shop. It tastes good too!

Unknown said...

cough - no worries! managed to get some couh medication/pills and now cough slowly abating! Thanks for suggestions! :-)

gate - we have two heavy dragon jats of potted plants by the gate now to deter person from opening/using the gate ;-)

Anonymous said...

so it was you who place the jars of potted plants to prevent me from opening the gates with my spare remote....

now I must park elsewhere...

Unknown said...

fc - kindly return remote as it isn't meant to be used w/o prior permission of Church being Church property!! It is not yr remote in the first place, spare or not!!! :-P

besides, I know of no known arrangement made where remote is used by anyone else!! Pls see office soonest to iron this out, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Father, glad that your cough is recovering. At least did not see your cough during the rehersal last Friday.

We, the Elects would not want your saliva to mix with the holy water you are going to pour on our forehead. It does not make the holy water more powerful ... :-)

Hee hee.. you must be guessing which one of the Elects is writing to you... keep you in suspense and guessing ...


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