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Friday, May 16, 2008


Yes, I am done with my seminar, yesterday being the last class for it and also my presentation that closed the session. I had some difficulty with the general topic which the entire seminar was focusing on, namely the Rosary Prayer. There are so few English reference books available that can give proper and relevant details on this subject matter. The main ones available are either in Italian or French. Yet, despite the limitations, my class managed to scour around for other references which were in English and agreeable to our professor and we used those instead. The Church documents by Pope Paul VI and John Paul II on the Rosary and Marian devotion also contributed greatly. In the end, after all was over, our professor invited to hand in our work, the final draft, by the end of this month (May). He also said that he will give us the 'highest marks' for all our work, effort and presentation which we put in during these seminars. By the way, there were only three of us in this class! ;-)

Meanwhile, I am recovering from my allergy and now facing my preparations for the coming exams next month. I have already settled 3 dates for the oral exams to be taken and will settle the last two dates next week. I have a total of 5 oral exams to go through before I can call this a day! :-P


Young Minstrel said...

3?! no wonder la.. :D

5?! must brush teeth and rinse mouth cleanclean to add more freshness to the air <D

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

so true "young minstrel", Fr. needs to use the "SCOPE" of his abilities and his keen "listerine" and speaking abilities to forge ahead in these oral exams. Ha ha!! Bob


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