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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Of Lent and Penances

I have just finished my Novena homily after letting the idea stew over for a few days. Actually, they wasn't much of an idea to begin with. All I know, I had to get something done up by Saturday afternoon, latest, if thee is anything of substance to be shared during Novena.

It has always been a problem for me to do up a Novena homily. This is because the topic is not based on any Sunday readings and you can talk share about just anything under the sun. Of course, it has to be relevant to faith matters and Our Lady.

This particular one centers on the question of how genuine are our Lenten observances/penances? We know very well that we have been called to look into the areas of fasting, almsgiving and prayer. None of these are alien or foreign to us, unless you are a non-believer or someone who couldn't care less about them. When we do practice these observances, how much of it is truly from the heart or are they done to promote our own image in selfishness and superiority?

Do we know what we are doing with all these during Lent? What do they point to? These may be pertinent questions we may need to answer if we are honest with our lives and how they affect people around us.

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Vidimusdominum said...

Hi Fr, hope you caught the recent lunar eclipse. Have a good week ahead.


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