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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Don't Care?

We begin our series of penitential services this week and into the middle of next week, as we edge closer towards Christmas.

Today's first opening session was at 10.30 am at Holy Family and we saw a relatively manageable crowd that joined in service which saw us till 11.30 am. One of the usual requests qhich we would remind the penitents before they come up to any priest for confession, is to get to the point and not to tell long 'grandmother stories'. However, there would still be those who would blissfully ignore this and carry on with their rambling with nary a care to others who are queuing up and those seated either waiting to come up for confession or are patiently waiting for the rest to finish as they pray for them. Makes you wonder if they understood what we said or do they just plain don't care?!....

Meanwhile, for those of you who have been patiently waiting for the radio interview or are searching for it over at rsi and could not find it, it is here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fr Al!

Just browsing through, and caught the name "Joel Chua". I'm wondering if it's the same Joel Chua I used to chat with a couple of years back on IRC, and we subsequently lost contact. (He was from Christ the King, an altar server, and goes by the IRC handle "Roman").

In any case, it's cool! We have a techy priest, and he's our priest! :)


it's all about ~fjm said...

hey Fr Aloy...

i didnt know joel is in SRI haha... i remember his was my leader in the server in Christ the King aka CTK...

~fjm outta......


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