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Monday, November 27, 2006


It was a such a slow day today that I had enough time to clean up my office a little and able to breathe adequately without hyperventilating too much. I managed to clear the past years' rubbish, do up my homily for the evening mass and enjoyed an adequate time out in the midst of all this.

What may be considered the flurry of activities that cause some amount of flap within the Secretariat are the series of letters that was called for to be done for the parents coming in to get the help of the church in appealing for their child/children to get into the secondary schools of their choice. I seriously wonder whether this effort would ever yield any favourable results. I am of the opinion that all this is an exercise in futility. There may be some exceptions but this is far, few and very, very wide. :-P

It's the same thing every year at this time of the year, for the past 3+ years since I have been here.... *shake head*

Meanwhile someone pointed out ot me that I am growing a paunch along my waist. I don't know whether to take that as a compliment or something else. But lately I have been pretty laid back and haven't been able to exercise somewhat. That was also due to the haze, my leave and the weather that has been rather wet and rainy the past month. Ok, ok, I know excuses!....

It has been a slow day.... ;-)

1 comment:

ylo said...

Paunch? That's good cos it shows that you are an "all rounder". :P


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