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Friday, October 27, 2006

Took For Granted

"... don't take things and people for granted."

That's what I'd usually say to my penitents who come to me for confession. I know very well, that as much as I say that to them, I also say that to myself. I am no exception in this too.

I did a niche installation this morning which was to be at 10.00 a.m. When I went down promptly to the columbarium at that time, I found the place to be deserted except for Ronnie, our Columbarium administrator and the representative from Singapore Casket who will do up the niche. The family hasn't arrived yet. While waiting, I was a little miffed by the lack of punctuality and was thinking to myself that I better get back to the office to wait there and get the family member to call me when they arrive. But I thought against it and patiently told myself to let it go. I do have some spare time around this morning, so enjoy the serenity of the columbarium.

When the family arrived later, a good 10 minutes late, I had to really control myself not to look agitated and present a more pleasant disposition. It was a young couple with some of their friends and relatives. The wife took out a small blue urn, not your usual cylindrical marble type. Then it hit me! I had earlier taken a look at the name engraved on the plaque. It was a girl's name. What I didn't noticed earlier on was the date of birth and death of the person. The year when this person was born and died was the same year - 2006. The remains in the urn was that of a stillborn!... :P

During the short prayer ceremony, I could see that the young wife was sobbing quietly. I was much ashamed for my temperament earlier and, at the same time, felt much sadness for the couple concern. I know what it means to lose someone dear and sudden especially someone so young and about to begin life like this. *sigh* mea culpa!

may her soul rest in peace!


ylo said...

Tragic... but it happens... :( Hope and pray that the couple, especially the wife gets over it...

Young Minstrel said...

voted the most honest entry of the ones i read today..*wagging finger* Paaaaaaps *giggle*


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