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Friday, October 27, 2006

It's Clear And Healthy - Finally!

The PSI is down to its normal, healthy level and for the first time in weeks, I can actually see the clouds clearly in the sky. This day especially, since I gotten my solar filter, I wanted to grab a piece of view of the Sun. However, that had to wait because I had to go out during the afternoon. That was the time when the Sun was at its showy best! :-P

Apart from those, I just found myself facing the work of having to convalidate 5 more weddings for the couples concerned because they haven't gotten married in the church yet! These couples, we came to know, when they registered their children for baptism. *shake head* This is really major headache as I already have 3 more weddings of my own to officially celebrate next month!

Meanwhile, the parish is all geared for the Advent project to help one of the orphanages run by the Canossians sisters in Timor Leste. The representatives from the place, a Fr Sarmento and Sis Gilhemina came to our parish for dinner, Thursday evening, together with the people from the Jesuit Refugee Services. Fr Sarmento gave a talk after that to the parishioners who came to listened to what the project was all about. I had to go for a house blessing that saw me blessing the humble abode of a local female DJ from 98.7 (Van Detta?) together with her family. It was her mother, Jennifer, who requested for this actually. :-D

It has been about two weeks since I came back from my break and that has already become a distance blip in the radar of my activities. And work continues to pile... :-P

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