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Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Ramblings in Kajang

It's Friday and I am still nursing the cough and running nose. However, they are much under control now due to the medication I took which also have made most of my days rather blurred and somewhat drowsy. Nonetheless, the sting from this minor illness has begun to lose its effect as I can feel a litle more alert each day. I finish the medication today...

Meanwhile, there are two more days left before I head back to Singapore. Still a litle hazy here, though not so bad as the previous week. I have been hogging my brother's laptop and surfing the Net during the free time I have, which is a lot, and also cleaning up his clogged up system along the way - deleting unwanted and power/space grabbing software, inserting newer efficient ones, etc. Now it has a better boot up time and runs much better. :-D

The fasting carries on for the Muslim during their Ramadan. I see shops/stalls opening up downstairs our apartment when the times for breaking fast come along. Oh, one thing about the Malaysian traffic and roads, it is a nightmare! :-P

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