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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mid-Morning Ramble

Still coughing and wheezing, but not much nowadays. The newly acquired medication from the doc is doing its trick. There are times where I really wish I could use the toilet brush and give that throat of mine a good clearing from that irritant of a throat itch! :P

Woke up this morning to the sounds of saw buzzing and hammers pounding outside my window. The private housing which is being build along Sea Avenue has risen to its height of 4 stories and its completion date is perhaps till end of this year. The walls are still cement-coloured and the workers are hard at work putting in the interior fistures. On their off days or rest times they can be heard blasting their hi-fi to the tunes of Thai and Chinese songs. Apart from that, I rarely look outside my window except through the blinds and only to open or close the windows after airing the room a little. Yes, that is the only window I have in my room which I can use or reach!

Meanwhile I will do my best to put up the pics from the Embrace retreat soonest! Promise! ;-)

1 comment:

egosyncratix said...

Poor Fr Aloy! Should pass the toilet brush to St Blaise :-) Not sure if Holy Fam does the blessing of the throat on 3 Feb, but I happened to be in OLPS and they were blessing throats with candles.


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