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Friday, March 31, 2006


Flooble vs Tagboard
Just replaced flooble with tag. I had problems with the previous one due to its popup ads being rather 'iffy'. What can I expect from 'free' things? Anyway, Tagboard is still not ad-free, unless I subscribe to the enhanced version, but at least the ad content is clean.

Lately, there has been an increase of people's awareness for confession. I have been seeing quite a lot of walk-ins to my office seeking for this sacrament. Since the beginning of the week, too, we had to make our rounds of the East District schools to give confessions to the students from St Stephen, IJ Katong and St Anthony's. Today later after 11 a.m. we will be having confessions for the St Anthony's Primary students. Some observations:
a. Most of the students coming up for their confessions are still not familiar with how to go about in doing it.
b. Almost all had their last confession only last year.
c. All were relieved after finishing their session with the priest (not surprising!)
It seems to be the same trend among adults too, especially with (b) and (c)! *shake head* :-)

Lent and Fridays
The season of Lent can be rather tedious. It makes one day after the next, same in its offering that I can forget what Friday implies for our food intake. I almost had pork porridge this morning for breakfast... I managed to get the stall owner to change the ingredients and took fish porridge instead. Then I had the cheek to tell my breakfast companions that I now have the power, not only to change water into wine but also to change pork to fish! :-D


YLO said...

Pull that stunt back in the good ol' days and you would have made the Pharisees flip over big time and have you crucified! :P

Anonymous said...

but last year was 3 months ago!

Aloysius said...

Oh, I meant same time last year or essentially a year ago... :P

Aloysius said...

I also actually meant to say that I cld change bread and wine to the body and blood of Christ! :-)

That's what you get when you are writing half-awake and rushing for an appointment in the morning! :-P

ylo said...

When you have succeeded in changing blank paper into $$$ notes, pls let us know. :P :P :P

Young Minstrel said...

we'll pray for u..

Anonymous said...

Wah so corny, haha


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