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Sunday, January 29, 2006

It's A Dog's Life!

It is the day where Chinese all over the world celebrate as Chinese New Year. This lunar new year it is the dog that is ushered in as the rooster makes his way out of the scene.

The festivity here, however, has been rather muted with attendance at the church seeing a lesser crowd for all masses this morning. The oranges were blessed and given away, a pair each, and the red packets (ang-pows) came in fast and furious. I am usually in to minds about this as it is rather strange to get people by the hundreds or so coming up to you handing in the ang pows as you thank them profusely knowing that the monetary element can certainly elevate your cashflow for awhile. Yet, myself as a priest, has been called to being simple. So, it is always a dilemma! But it is a dilemma I am willing to bear for a while. *grin*

Someone suggested that I could use that money to get a brand new Xbox 360! Utterly tempting, but naaaw, it's too much of an overkill and I am more a casual PC gamer than a console fanatic. Anyway, with the amount of time I have or the lack of it thereof, playing computer games nowadays is an extreme luxury!

But the day is still very quiet that you can hear a pin drop on the road! Most of the major eating establishments nearby are closed for the week or two. Only those whose majority of their staff who are not locals can be seen drawing in the food crowd as they take this opportunity to open as usual to make a little more money. Speaking of food, today is alsoa good day to binge as you have no excuse not too! *wink* If you have tons of relatives' houses to visit, then you give and/or get ang pows plus sample the CNY goodies and savour the family meal from dawn till dusk!

Myself? I am off with some friends to catch the last martial arts movie to be made by Jet Li, Fearless. Happy Chinese Year!

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