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Monday, January 09, 2006

cOnjunctivated Entry

The tree is down and ornaments are kept. The cards are off the table and teh office now is showing some semblance of moving into the Ordinary Times. We're back in the usual grind of things....

It is somewhat distressing to note that I came into the new year having my left wrist much sprained and bruised from a fall or two while blading about a week ago. And that was only because I had to avoid the stupid (!) cyclists that literally took up the entire lane. Now, I had to contend with a mild conjunctivitis on my left eye! *bleah*

But, one mustn't complained. There are people elsewhere in the world who are having a worse time or encountering tragedy that puts my injuries to mere pinpricks. Nonetheless, I can't help feeling a little downcast due to the gloomy weather we are having lately. Rain, rain and rain! It is now cold and wet outside! The one good thing so far from this weather is that it is putting a damper on sorts of people comng to the church seeking handouts...

Last weekend, we had our Parish Feast Day Walk at the ECP. Jean, one of our PPC councillors had this to write about. I shall put up some photos of my own later. Right now, everything seems lethargic and slow moving. The weather, the weather... :P

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