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Sunday, December 04, 2005


It has been rather difficult lately to blog decently or even frequently due to lethargy brought about by mental block from work related activities. There have been many times when I thought I had some incredible entry to put down but when it was time to do something about that, the whole thing sort of vanishes and you sit at the screen wondering what to write about and you go *bleaah*!

It is not that my life is lacking with human interest and wit. It is just that I have been allowing myself to procrastinate and being lazy. After a long day's session in the office and/or out of office, dealing with all kinds of people and their problems (you wonder why they even bother to get themselves burn in these situations!), administration/paperwork duties, etc., the last thing I want is to be reminded of all these again. You just want to chill out and blank out your mind! Perhaps that can sometimes be helped by watching mindless Stephen Chow movies...

Meanwhile, as I let this blog to while away in screensaver mode, the following have been highlights of my past weeks:

a. Art of Star Wars Exhibition
What can I say? It was entertaining enough. Got my ROTJ Luke Skywalker lightsaber I preordered and it was in gorgeous green! The exhibition allowed photography with no flash and I got a few interesting shots. They featured all the 6 episodes of the SW movies with props, stills, costumes and other pictures/posters that adorned the exhibiton hall. My only gripe to the event was that there were too few props to go around. For instance, at the Ep5: The Empire Strike Back section, there were more stills/posters around with a smattering of small to medium size figurines and models, e.g. Tie fighter/bomber. The LOTR exhibition was much more impressive than this! Anyway, it was still a good two and half hours of going through the place in order to see all of its movies' offerings.

b. Christmas Tree
I got a rather affordable S$30.00 Christmas tree setup from Ikea and now sitting pretty in my office. Just have to put up the lights and it will look as if it is doing its job to herald the Christmas spirit. Only thing left to put beside it would be the Christmas crib. Any ideas?

c. Weddings
I just finished my last wedding ceremony for the year yesterday morning! It is also a great relief to note that Fr Christopher Lee has gotten his license to solemnize marriages in Singapore. I can now refer some inquiries to him. So those of you who are thinking of getting a priest who looks like Joe Augustine and wants to give an impression of having a 'prosperous' wedding, the newly ordained and ROM licensed Fr Christopher is your man!

d. Domain name
Deciding to get a domain name for myself. I have identified a potential web hosting company and a 'friendly' group of web savvy 'designers' to look into this (they are known as the coder, designer and installer team). Here are some potential domain names to consider (in no particular order OR preference) - nothreenofour, shrinknoguarantee, daylightrobbery, seasonschange, religioustales, sowaseed, priestlyponderings, alongtale, lifecrosses. Vote which is the best or suggest a domain name for me to consider. Do that through the comments or chatterbox!

Apart from the above snapshots of my meanderings in life, I am still in the midst of putting up the rest of my pilgrimage photos onto my collection at So till the next entry, thank you for your patience and remember to vote!


*s*haron said...

Brilliant idea for a Christmas crib - see here!


Holy Drummer said...


My sentiments exactly.

Need you ask, or need we remind you yet again... tsk-tsk~

P.S: Wah take that Fr. Chris! *Cough -backstabbed- Cough*


Daniel said...

Did you get a high score for the Jedi reflex test? I got 80. But I sucked at the balance test.

Jigsawsg said...

Crib should have come FIRST! Hoi! suggestion for domain name:

Knock yourself out! hehehe



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