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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I'm 2!

Yep, that's a 2-year old priest in the ministry that continues to challenge my perspectives of life even as I write.

Sts Peter and Paul, whose feast we celebrate today, are beacons of stability that anchor me to what I am called for now and what is to come. I can no way match up to their stature and though I was ordained as a priest on this date, I have along way (and really looong way...) to go before I can even say I have fought the faith.

However, as a good friend pointed out, my contribution, though like a widow's mite, is all that matters to make this ministry matters and serve its purpose for now. Every little bit counts! No need for platitudes or overt congratulations. Just a grateful heart in knowing that I am privileged to be the humble servant of God in his vineyard fulfilling a part that only I can play that contributes into a bigger picture of life.

What a gift and mystery!

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Holy Drummer said...

Hey! Life starts at 40, T-W-O (pun intended).

Ride along...



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