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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Gifted Mystery

We have come to the last day of June and finished the first half of the year. Celebrated my priestly anniversary last night with friends over samsui chicken and the offerings from the Soup Restaurant (Suntec).

As I continue to ponder on my ministry, I still feel largely overawed by the significance of it all. That I have gone through 2 years of it is even mind-boggling!

It is utterly useless to 'predict' where this would lead as this ministry's movement is akin to the wind coming and going with no one able to see where it comes from nor where it goes. In this sense it is mystery. However, the source and its fulfilment is obviously to the Divine, who holds all things in being. So, it is with great respect and awe of what is to come that I humbly submit to this calling that continues to beckon and show that it is still a gift worth having!

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