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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Rise With the Day

'tis morning and with some time to spare, decided to pen this entry.
will have to see to a private baptism shortly and for the rest of the day it is going to be a flurry of activities. but for now, I am enjoying just sitting by the window seeing the day unfold in the quiet. shhh...


Anonymous said...

Father, this reminds me of a story which I found very inspiring.

A man was wheeled into the hospital with injuries to both his eyes due to an explosion.He was confined to the hospital bed with bandaged eyes. He was however, kept company by another old patient in the ward who kept his spirits up by describing to him on a daily basis what a beautiful day it was and he would describe to him the colour of the sky, the clouds and the trees. This kept his spirits up and he was thankful for his fellow ward mate. However he didn't hear from the old man for a few days and when he enquired, they told him he had passed away and he was sad as nobody would tell him what the day looked like. Weeks later when they finally removed his bandaged, he was eager to look out the window to see what a beautiful day it was described by his old friend.To his surprise, he discovered that the bed which the old man occupied was actually facing a wall.We could all do with such hope and optimism in our lives today even though troubles aplenty are facing us.
Frm: Archangel

Anonymous said...

Rooms for RENT, Rite???


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