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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Sunday Foul Ups

I forgot to wear a stole!

I, in a flurry of activities before the 9.15 a.m. Mass, went to assist in giving communion without wearing a purple stole! Interestingly, enough no one seemed to noticed it or bothered to point it out to me. I only realised that when I was just about to give the communion to the altar servers. Not wanting to make any fuss, I decided to let it be and carried on. The sacristian, who I later confided in, who being an ex-Army personnel offered his take on this: in the Army, whenever something screws up just carry on as if nothing happened. If you make that correction, you make that mistake very noticeable and the whole world would know! "wise" words...

Maybe the next time I can go out to give communion, I shall do so with my hair disheveled and uncombed, just to see if the congregation are alert and noticed anything unusual. I'm sure there are a few aunties who couldn't wait to see priests making mistakes and are constantly on the lookout. But the thought of doing something like this and getting away with it sounds engaging!

Now, to do it... that's another matter!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha !!! You must be still in your dreams. It's Ok, just ACT BLUR, if you had gone in to get yr stole then wouldn't it be obvious?

About the Stole, went to my fren's parents place for a house blessing b4 and the priest said "The stole is very powerful", cannot touch kind of thingy coz my fren's bro asked. frm then on, i learnt whenever i see stoles lying around i dare not touch. it was explained by a MEP Priest frm OLPS and then my fren's dad wanted us - the younger ones to understand WAR AND HARDSHIP, Fr told us Vietnam War stories. Who was the priest u go figure out yrself.

Fr Aloy, YESTDAY when i saw the PURPLE STOLE on u at the offce while adminstering one of the sarcements, even though i was outside i also don't know how to explain to you - I SAW CHRIST, tat's y maybe i know all along stole is sumthing got "special powers" i dun noe how to explain lah.

Holy Drummer said...

Oh bother~

Father, I recall getting hell because you wore the wrong side of a stole - red instead of green - simply for not pointing the error out.

I mean, who could really notice? =S

But anyway, the aunties will no longer be the only 'vultures' present - there will be more within the sanctuary itself, I promise you...

But we'll be as gentle as a dove.

And Yes, Uncle Sacristan is wise. Quite. =p

Young Minstrel said...

Paps, must always wear Stole when help out ah?

Jude Gal said...

Or is it becos yr STOLE Got STOLEN??? heehee.........915AM mass maybe "sum people haven't woken up yet". i tink if i was atendg oso, i wouldn't have noticed lah, NO WORRIES OK, Fr Aloy.

michael said...

father...u have to is pretty funny =)

sousuke said...

Well if its completely unintentional then i dont think its your fault, besides you are only human and humans makes mistakes.

Like this one, the sacristian was actually an ex-Airforce personal, sure its all military but a tank is not a plane right?

Jude Gal said...

So did u REMEMBER to put on the STOLE at communion 2day esp the 915am mass???

Anonymous said...

Yes, Oreo's MUMMIE, Exercise Every Other Day. 2day Taka.........2mw see how??? Heehee.......

B.A.C.A.N said...

father i noticed u didn't wear ur stole!
-ann nee


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