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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Advent Penitential: Are We Ready?

The penitential services for the East District begins this evening at St Stephen. Tomorrow I shall be animating for the 10.30 a.m. and the 7.00 p.m. services at Holy Family. Time to let go of them hurts and other nonsense, folks! Make a clean break of things! Life and greater things beckon. Don't be left out because of personal self-pity and stubborness...


Anonymous said...

Father Bless me for I got NO SINS, My last was?

Jude Gal said...

Just to share zis with u guys wat happend at mass 615pm 2day. I am ON LEAVE but i still do get SMSes or Calls frm OFFICE, doesn't look like I AM ON LEAVE rite? but to me as long as OFFICE CALLS, return calls ASAP unless if i am out of town.

i walked out frm mass to answer the calls frm ofce, while walking back - at the door, a lady walked in and "shouted" at me "Y did the confession svc started wout ME?" I was like??? - told her, "it's daily mass 615pm, tat was b4 communon" (tink around 640pm)...........i felt like telling her "helo, can u look at the altar, fr aj ONE AND ONLY celebrating mass -confessn svc be many priests around altar". I was boiling when she shouted at me "Y the confession didn't wait for me?" Nevermind tat, to make matters worse, u noe wat she said to me the NEXT SENTENCE "U BLUFFING ME ZIT? - Confession Svc is ON". Aiyoh, i wanted to giggle or laff but controlled. and u noe pple sitting at the back looked at me coz the lady was screaming at me tat i bluffing her. i repeated mself Mass is 615pm, mass is on, zis is not confession. make matters worse, offce needed me and i was trying to handle my work pblem/matter.........", my mind of coz with my work matters and Here Am I Lord walking in wan to go recve communon continue mass, the lady screaming at me i bluffing her........i was like? if it wasn't becoz of my ofce work - reoccupied of my mind, i tink i would have gven the lady a pc of my mind. i tell u it's mass u say i bluff u it's confessn svc. Patience maybe fr aloy?

i was like SO HAPPIE, was feeling tired stayed in and RESTED THE WHOLE DAY till late afnoon then went out and HERE I AM BACK IN HFC getting "nonsense".
sum1 still could asked me "NOT ENUF FRM YESTDAY?" Thk U but No Thks - This lady "made my day".

2mw i will do my OWN THINGS, Fr Aloy, REALLY ENUF FRM 2DAY. i gve up on these pple.........

Jude Gal said...

Thk U Holy Drummer for accompanying me to my "Destiny" b4 mass and reminding me not to attend the funeral svc and to get out of HFC ASAP.
Not 4getting Fr Aloy who was so tired had to wake up so early this am for mass and patience with me just now at my "Destiny". and to the Bells of St Anne's and my fren who woke me up for mass.

Jude Gal said...

Fr Aloy, i MISSING the Carmelite Priest(Bearbear). It is a CARMELITE NOT A ROBIN HOOD(Brownie). i like the sandals so cute.........Does the Toyshop RENT A BEAR kind of thingy??? but i have to be careful, furry.......


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