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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Barque of St Peter Against The Odds

Couldn't help taking this shot from St Teresa's after a niche installation, this afternoon. It's as though the gloom of the day can never tear down the Church represented by this structure that stood tall and imposing in defiance against all odds.


Anonymous said...

Who is the GLOOMY ONE here, Excuse Me? The Church is only a BUILDING, it will NEVER HARM-HURT, but human beings are a different story. Life Stories maybe?

Anonymous said...

I thought we are supposed to learn from "OUR MISTAKES"?

I am wondering just wondering whose face is bloomer? The Sky but the clouds will pass, the building can be repainted when it gets dirty but for someone - I really WONDER.

Hope the candle helps.

As for me it's TIME to go out and PLAY.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture


Jude Gal said...

i am listeng to BBC while typing this - thks to my mei2 who is listeng to BBC through the internet.

Fr Aloy, Pse pray for the victims 2mw 615am mass as i am having mixed feelings, last wk was a tough week for insurance sales but they were quite a few "weird" clients who kept asking ME do u cover for EARTHQUAKES, TIDAL WAVES, and they told me they travel in the asia region very often. my answer "we cover NATURAL DIASTERS even like typhoon........earthquakes. but while answering those questions i didn't feel anything to me it was like one of those normal questions norm clients will ask. dun tell me there were SIGNS oredi???

2ndly juz heard the news those who were sunbathing in phuket patong beach were there in the am around 9am - angmohs, coz they dun get to see the sun in their countries at this time of yr, wat u tink Sporeans were doing at 9am??? Oinking of coz wat, mei2 was in phuket in may/june she stayed at her guyfren's place near the beach, she say the pixs she told me all those places she visited "WASHED AWAY". She was there for 1 wk.

Last of all, PSE PRAY FOR MY IMMEDIATE Neighbour, he's a flight steward with SQ went for phuket i tink so heard frm my parents for a wkend trip with his wife. his son who's oni 3 yr old my mei2 and me play and tok to him every other day coz at tat age very cute. my parents tried to contact him abt 2 -3 hrs ago but no response frm hps. it could be network is dwn too. was telling my mum maybe he more alert than others coz as a flight steward he's trained to handle such situations better than any1 else. the little boy is being taken care of by his grandparents and maid these few days while parents went for a short hols.

i am very sleepy actually but a/f hearing the little boy's parents mgt be in Phuket i tink i can't sleep well 2nte.

Anonymous said...

I love that pic, Fr Aloysius. Oh, I copied the html code for the Zenit News applet to my blog, it looks cool. You won't mind, would u? :P My blog site,

Jude Gal said...

Ok, my immediate neighbour - flight steward with wife is in CHIANGMAI. Thk God !!! my dad managed to contact him late into the nte (last nte).

it juz reminds me of TWISTER (Tornado). Experienced tat b4. 2day u visit a place of interest 2mw the place is swept off. anyway Tornado the best place to hide is BATHTUB not joking......i tink tat's the most solid place in the house.


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