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Monday, November 29, 2004

Keeping To The Faith

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Advent faith is a trustful reliance on God's help
- Daily Reflections for Advent and Christmas (Waiting in Joyful Hope 2004 - 05)

A Chinese man came in just now asking for a blessing and prayers to help him get a job that he needed to support himself and his family. He isn't a Catholic but his sense of this need for divine intervention within the setting of a Christian God reminds me of today's gospel on the centurion.

The centurion's faith caused amazement in the heart of Jesus.

Many a times, I sincerely wonder if we as followers of Christ ever reach a situation where we truly amaze the heart of Jesus with our faith. The non-Catholic Chinese man who came to the office just now, was a fascinating example of today's gospel coming alive. I may not know what his intentions really were or whether he was seeking for a "Christian cure" to his malady. But his actions speak to me of my own attitude towards the faith I preach of. I don't claim to have been an exemplary paragon of faith and there were times where I had literaly thrown in the towel when God hasn't. Instead, I can say that there were many moments in my life where it was God who truly amazed my heart by his generosity, compassion and love. One thing I need to learn now is patience and trust as I am getting rather anxiety-filled with the extra burden of duties and work with the leaving of Fr Augustine Joseph to his new posting.

Meanwhile, as I journey on in my ministry as priest, I have experienced great friendships, interesting encounters, generous gifts, meaningful advises, discerning moments, tolerable irritants, joyful uplifts and sorrowful downdrafts that came about from a circus of places, sight, sounds and people. Each of these have shaped my faith-life to what I have today. No doubt, I have more to learn. The school of life never ends till the last nail of the coffin is put in place.

Till then, I'll continue to chug along slowly but surely to do my best and keep my faith intact and not to take life for granted.


*s*haron said...

You have my *thumbs up*, Fral!! Both hands! ;)

Jude Gal said...

Hope u are ok, remember there's this saying always tat "God will never give u or experience sumthing which u can't handle". i mean with Fr AJ's posting and u taking extra responsibilties. Just watch the PSI Level & i tink u will be FINE lah.

Jude Gal said...

Juz wan to share with u guys sumthing happened zis am on NEL when ESPECIALLY i went to oink2 around 3am. as usual i wanted to be in ofce by 8plus so tat i can do my paperwork didn't go up punggol to get a seat, juz stood all the way.

A/f Sengkang MRT Station u people go figure out is wat station not opened yet..........when we passed tat station, Young couple hubby and wife sat infront of me - both did "sign of cross" then went NEL almost reached Hougang they "sign of cross" again. i was like??? i purposely coz i was wearing long sleeve 2day lifted up my sleeve and u noe my wrist got cruifix and scapular, both of em' looked at me. was juz being naugti lah. i wanted to laff...........was tinkg maybe they saying prayers but no leh, not saying prayers. then when i looked both of em' neither had any catholic medal or watever on em'. aiyoh as long as FAITH IS STRONG, i suppse everyday when they pass "tat particular station" they will "Sign of Cross". heehee.........Rite Fr Aloy?

used to have a galfren who passed CATHOLIC CHURCHES she will "sign of cross" and i will look at her a/f a while i got used to it but NEL line - "Sign of Cross???"


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