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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


My head is throbbing and my stomach's queezy...

Effects of facing a sudden deluge of people's needs: a belated birthday lunch (mine!) with the 'Golden Girls', a discussion and prep for tomorrow's take on the topic of Advent for an RCIA session, a walk-in request for a confession, and all this is in the midst of my effort to figure out what to present for tonight's meeting regarding pastoral issues on evangelisation. I still haven't any solid stuff for this purpose besides having the Catholic Faith reference, the General Directory on Catechesis (GDC) and the document "Ministry of the Laity" in front of me! I am effectively clueless for my part in tonight's PPC-type meeting. Aaaarrgh!

I can't think anymore and I also have to celebrate Mass in a while. Right now my face is showing a totally blank look. When I begin to think of other unfinished business which are still sitting on my desk, I go again Aaaarrgh!....

No good. The more I think about all these, the more infinite loops I put myself in. Shutting down now!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure things will settle down and be better tommorrow. Will pray for you Father! ;) ... All will be well.

Anonymous said...

"Rela Ok? Take it EASY " I left office ON DOT and went for my theraptic EXERCISE. now feeling better. Past 2 nites burnt in office. Maybe you can oso go and do sumthing u enjoy rather face PAPERWORK, sumtimes when u take a break you will feel better after tat.

Thk You for rubbing in more pepper, sugar or watever spices. i am on FULL SHIFT zis coming saturday. TGIF i wan to go out and PLAY.............and saturday morning have to wake up EARLY. How to OINK?

Have u heard a PROFESSIONAL BEGGAR ON THE PHONE? So Tired of Hearing EXCUSES, Toking.........

I can't wait for December (Heehee)...........

Jesus Grant me Patience with sum1 in the Office but i can't tehan i juz keep laffing and giggling whenever kena spread butter and jam. 2mw be nutella. Kaya Next lah. heehee....... Others tried being nice didn't succeed. Mgr had 2 coffeebreaks (within a day) with me "Can u try using yr patience?" (she say i got NO TEMPER). Pity zis sum1 oso lunchtme every1 run for their lives or got errands to run, sum1 eats/shops alone. Maybe Fr Aloysius Ong can try - You have the MOST PATIENCE and a good listening ear, huh? (Joking lah). Not worthwhile getting upset or worked up with sum1, later i Physcially Down - worsestill, can't go out and PLAY. just rela and enjoy the FUN. I noe i terok but nothing i can do lah. mention zis sum1 oni i wan to giggle............everyday got new tricks up to sleeve. THIS IS NOT A CIRCUS. just being naugti lah.

Wat confession??? i heard my catholic collegues mentiong abt going to the box - How abt Sarced Heart Church - "Little Holy Trin"? Yup, Very GOOD CHOICE, Fr Aloy???

Jude Gal said...

Advent to me is abt 3 purple candles and 1 pink candle-xmas wreath. Each candle sigify sumthing lah but 4got. Jesus Birthday on 25th Dec. Preparing of the Coming of his birthday lor. used to be ONI Christians celebrated but now every1 celebrates. The commerical side of it is showing very much when i do my EXERCISE. Credit Card companies are BEST FRENS, juz slip yr chargecard and u feel it ONI THE FOLLWING MONTH. BTW the latest issue of HER WORLD, I juz read toks abt the commerical side of Xmas. or maybe time to meet up with loved ones or oso to spend time with the less fortunate ones (poor and needy). Cold & Rainy season, it's the Time to be JOLLY..............catelogues with Turkey/Fruit cakes........honey baked ham. Commerical Xmas.

How abt Santa Claus? Or SantaRina??? Red Nose Reindeer?Xmas Tree with PRESENTS of coz, u noe putting up the TREE IS VERY FUN but taking it dwn, every1 runs away. hahaha........playing with SNOWMAN.

My darling when he was 10 yrs old he went sunday school, his teacher asked him "wat's xmas to u?" he said "Recevg Presents". of coz kena his parents.

Fr Aloy, my Advent can pass or not? of coz not 4getting going for box if u toking abt spiritually side. can set up Natvty wat u call tat, Natvty House or watever, u noe with the HOLY FAMILY. Yup HFC got duck and chicken. hahaha..............MIDNTE MASS when even Fr Tou stays up yearly for it. u see "Dressed to Kill" party goers, go for mass then go dresses/set hair. (This sounds more like Wat's xmas like)anyway preparation of advent leads to Xmas wat. putting on wt with all the meat dishes. No Fish lah, Fr Aloy? No need to be meow2.

i believe the abovementioned is gona be vs yr SPIRTUAL SIDE OF Advent.

*s*haron said...

Programmatic error. You need to be running on debug mode.

Those were the days... *shudders*


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