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Wednesday, October 06, 2004


I am waiting for 'Godot' today. But a series of 'Godots' and all are really turning up this time. One for a discussion on a RCIA survey, another a prenup interview and a late one on discussion of how to contribute effectively in the parish community.

In between, may have to babysit Miss Eh! Eh! while waiting for her grandmother to come along to bring her back. The actual babysitter has to attend a meeting in church, hence this temporary arrangement. Meanwhile, I continue to wait...


Anonymous said...

To say that when I'm on for advisory, is a taboo... especially when them "Godots" start streaming in out of nowhere. Sensitive!

My cow-orkers will charge the sin upon me... them people who bring compass to the office to determine the fengshui and their yin and yang with the location they are sitting.

- SC

Jude Gal said...

WAITING with patience (Naixin) zit?

Anonymous said...

Pls pray for the soul of the late Fr Edmund Dunne (CSsR) who passed away on 7 Oct age 87. Funeral on Sunday 10 Oct 2.30pm at Novena church...Wake is at Novena church, St Clement Pastoral Centre Level 2

Z from SFX


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