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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Bad, Bad Manners!

Writer's block. That's why I haven't been able to put down any thoughts lately. However, it wasn't due to lack of things to write. On the contrary, it was because I had many experiences to consider that I didn't know where to begin or write down!

What spurred this entry was because of yesterday's night (Saturday) incident where I had my brush with 'death' and at a traffic light junction. I was heading back after my visit to the IJ Sisters Martia Road community, around 10.40 p.m. when I had to stop by a traffic junction to wait for the 'green man' to come on. When the left green arrow came on, there was a persistent honking of a car behind me because the other car in front of it wasn't moving as it was intending to go straight ahead. When then green light came on for the cars to move and myself to go too (as the green man came on) I started walking leisurely to the other side. But the car which honked decided (stupidly and obviously in the wrong) to turned left and went ahead at great speed just in front of me with no care to my safety. I was inches from being knocked down!

I shook my head in with disgust at the driver which sped off and it started me thinking about etiquette in general. We have been saying that our good manners (if any) haven't been our strong point. That night I saw our worst! Impatient, selfish, unconcern for safety of others, you name it!

This was also after facing some reactions from some people, Catholics to boot, who made such a fuss over our late finish at the last Thursday session that they let some accusation fly which had no merit but caused us organisers to wonder if these people have any sense of manners and self-control in their lives or do they turn into green hulks of a monster every time things don't quite go their way.

If we carry on this way, it would take us ages to reach a more reasonable gracious society we are wanting. If at all!


Anonymous said...

How abt sum ACCIDENT PROTECTION COVERAGE? but i believe SUM1 was with u lah..........PROTECTING U.

Holy Drummer said...


I reckon you must have met my father. Need introduction, no?


Well - Save the day then, Father! Acquire your license and be THE reason why our roads are worth travelling on. =p


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