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Thursday, October 28, 2004

On Leave III: Heaven Here On Earth!

It has been very refreshing to be away from the parish and other responsibilities during this period of my leave.

It gives me a chance to recoup my senses and strength a little to recollect on what I have done all these while. Seems pretty fine, so far. I do need some work of my procrastination part somewhat as I tend to push things back till it becomes a madhouse of pedalling forward to make up for lost time!

But since I am on holiday, what the heck! My three nephews here are aloready occupying my time to the fullest that I don't even noticed that the day has passed by! My Zire already has a full series of photos of the tiny tots/terrors and their exploits. They are really more terrorising than a mob of protestors on a rampage!

In the midst of all this, what do I do? Relax, sip a cold Milo or two (yes, I can hear some sniggering already...), read the local papers, and blog like this whenever I can get the PC over at my brother's house. Ahh, heavenly!


Anonymous said...

Jealous and envious. Humpf!!!

- SC

Jude Gal said...

i oredi say liao 2 WKS VERY FAST wan then WELCOME BACK TO THE LAND OF ????? heehee...........

Happy Feastday to U !!! MY FEASTDAY.


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