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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

On Leave II: Puchong

Second day of my hols here right in the middle of Puchong at Bandar Kinrara. The journey from Singapore was quite tiring on coach that took some 6 hours, with 2 short stops and a major traffic jam coming into KL.

Today and much part of yesterday evening, had a handful reacquainting myself with my nephews and their antics (screams, shouts, spittle, giggly-googly talk, runs and falls, playtime, etc...) and by the end of the day, I felt like I've been hit by several 10-ton trucks!

Still there is a sort of a freedom here from all that work and responsibilities in the parish. no need to worry too much as I know things will even itself out and I'll get the remainings of the day when I return to my 'tour of duty' later. Meanwhile, I am enjoying this carefree moment as much as I can. I hear we will be going to the 'padang' later and then be able to fly the kite which I got for my nephews. They will have to fight it out who will get to fly it first!

1 comment:

*s*haron said...

Plssss, not the Klutz first, if ever at all! He will get it stuck in the tree (I can bet my last $), Charlie Brown style. *wink*


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