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Friday, July 23, 2004

The Scheme of Things to Come

Another grand scheme to the upgrade. What do you think of the 3 candles?...
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*s*haron said...

Don't tell me it's taken with the Zire?!

Hey, get the Stik men in here! Do it do it! :D

*s*haron said...

Oh, the 3 candles remind me of some acupuncture like contraption. 3 candles... trinity? Give your pics a name.

So which position/s are you taking in the "playing field of the Lord"? Batter, catcher, outfielder, ...?

Anyway, my dear middle aging 'young' priest, you are so very paradoxical! :D

Anonymous said...

better than being oxymoronic!
- AO

*s*haron said...

And I do believe you know that I'm only trying to be v diplomatic, rrriiiittte?


Holy Drummer said...

Father, I actually tried posting multiple photos in one blog, to no avail. After trying in vain & getting agitated for close to half an hour, i realised it cannot be done -_-".

Anonymous said...

Interesting view.... but why three candles?


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