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Thursday, April 22, 2004

honey, the moon is over!...
haven't been able to get a decent day's rest or sleep since the penitential weeks before Easter. while we are already into the 2nd week of Easter, i still have different types of situations whereby some form of work or activity is needed to be looked into.

people's problems to attended to, meetings to attend, work that comes out of those meetings attended that needed to be accomplished, the various organisations under my care that needed to be directed or look into, etc... let's not mention also the masses to celebrate and homilies to prepare. It doesn't come any easier with the recent scandal with Fr Kang's court case and how various people, i.e. catholics, non-catholics, christians, other faiths and not forgetting the media are all reacting to this. while tonight's mass for the healing of the church may be appropriate to start us on the road to forgiveness and the need to be more responsible for our vocation in the priesthood, it is still going to be a long and hard road towards a complete recovery from our current fall from grace.

my mind is still in a whirl from my never ending activities and other appointments, that saw me running around like some fire fighter putting out flames that are suddenly sprouting all over the place. i can't seem to find time for myself to take a breather to see where i am going with all these! the phone calls are getting numerous with various requests and a few i wonder if they should be incarcerated in Woodbridge instead.

i believe sirach 2: 1 says it nicely what really is going on these days. my honeymoon is over!

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