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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Call to Prayer

IHM Racial Harmony - Waiting2...Image by Annoysius via Flickr
News of the parish priest of whom I had assisted in my last parish before transferring to the Seminary reached my ears some two days ago. Apparently Fr William Lim had collapsed after a morning (brisk) walk around the Serangoon Stadium and sent to the TTSH (Tan Tock Seng Hospital). He is still unconscious and awaiting an operation to clear three clogged arteries in his heart.

His condition is stable now but has to be checked with a brain scan first to determine if it is safe to do the operation. Meantime, do keep Fr William in your prayers, together with the parishioners of IHM (Immaculate Heart of Mary) as we pray for his complete recovery.
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Anonymous said...

hi fr aloy..
a belated happy new year to you!

yah.. i hope and pray that Fr william lim will be ok.. soon..

anyway, i hope yo y are well adjusted in yr seminary life .. IHO i think you are more suitable in the seminary than the parish scene.. maybe you may be the next rector after Fr william Goh.. who knows!! .. only God Knows..


Unknown said...

ah, you flatter me!

time will tell where I will end up later... :-)

Playful Elena said...

Hello Fr Aloy,

Happy New Year! Did hear about the news of Fr William Lim a few days ago. Have kept him and IHM in my prayers. Sigh! Don't understand why one priest at IHM falls sick after another. Nevertheless, God will take care of everything and everyone. We are all His children mah. What cannot kill us can only build us up. Nothing will fall apart.

Hey, you take care. Good for you lo. New room, new office with the new year. Be a good priest inside hor. For me, new work with new year. Job scope still uncertain as my position is newly created with a lot of changes for me. Dying from work liao. But, I enjoy the challenge. Woo hoo...can see myself charging thorugh the storm like a witch on a broom. You work hard too. Can see you in a Superman suit with your signature smirk. Enjoy yourself in the seminary. Will keep you in my prayers.

With Love,

Anonymous said...

no serious..padre aloy,

you have the intelligent look of an academician.. no joke! as a result you are more suited to teach in the seminary rather than in the parish.. I suppose life in the seminary is more suitable for you.. less stress only deals with a few?? seminarians rather than some of the parishioners numbering from anything from 10-200whose requests or intentions can literally sometimes can drive you up the wall but of course there are nice parishoners too!

One + pt is your homilies which is full of inspiring thoughts n clarity, which i think you have put in after much sufficient reflection. There are of course priests (which i won't name here) that didn't really prepare the homilies well enough.. bz perhaps??

And last but not least your mild mannerisms is what most parishioner look up to you as a good priest..

okie.. that's all will comment further other days..

Gd Nite and God Bless!


Anonymous said...

I heard that Fr William is now conscious and able to talk. God is really good. I hope Fr William recovers fully soon.

Anonymous said...

Fr William Lim is better now with the visitation of one of the novena priest who went over this evening to pray over him & tok rubbish fr lim started laffing. even the famli & religious in the ward were suprised.

Anonymous said...

Any New Updates of Fr William's Condition? Heard he is currently warded at TTSH normal ward.

Cheers & keep him in our prayers.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Fr Aloysius,

I understand that Fr William's condition is not good at all. Also the new Parish Priest has just gone on medical leave. This disturbing trend since Fr James' term as Parish Priest of IHM needs to be examined.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, please pray and intercede for your priests of the Church consecrated to you, and for your children.


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