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Sunday, October 19, 2003

A Curve Ball
Another week just ended and a new one begins. It hasn't been easy lately to blog down often as there have been many ministerial activities that were more urgent and needed to be handled. Whenever I do have the opportunity to put something down here, I would be too tired to think and write anything coherent.

But there would come a time where there was something that needed to be said that can't be put aside. Case in point was yesterday evening after the Mass. We had just celebrated Mission Sunday and this weekend was also my turn to preach. An elderly lady with "fire" in her eyes marched up to me and demanded why we did not have a second collection for the missions. I gently reminded her that ALL collections for the Mass were going to the missions (hence no need for 2nd collection). But with such stubborn look and stance she continued to insist that we should have a second collection and that all other churches are doing it. Then she stomped off with such a look that gave you the impression that she had just given a child a talking down to for doing something wrong and that I was to burn in hell for neglecting my Godly duty to help the missions.

What do you say or do to such persons?!

Sometimes I think God sends such people to make us priests not to be too complacent with our life and that to expect a curve ball once in a while. It would be too easy for us if we expect life to go our way all the time...

Another curve ball - I forgot that we had a special set of readings for Mission Sunday and I did my homily based on the 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time. However, I managed to link these readings to the celebration of Missions and at the same time put in a word or two about winning and losing in the rat race. Bottom line concerning the rat race is that even if you are 'lucky' to have won, you are still a RAT!

Be good and don't move my cheese...

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