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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Being Cultish and Nemo
On leave this week from today till Sun 21st Sept. But still have to be around as I am attending the Asiaworks Training workshop/seminar that begins this evening. Some people have been saying that this seminar is run in a 'cult-like' fashion prompting several warnings from my close associates who knew I was attending this.

Well, whatever it may be, I might as well see for myself what it really is all about. Perhaps there may be a few exaggerations about the workshop even if the methods may seem a little overboard. I'll know soon enough, tonight...!

The Sacrament of Reconciliation and 'Nemo' went well. Almost all the children saw the movie. So I had a great time connecting them to the more solemn Prodigal Son story in the gospel. We are all in some ways like Nemo wanting to do things our own way and 'swimming too close to the surface' and even wanting to 'touch the boat' and paying for our actions by getting caught by the 'divers'.

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