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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Be Aware of the Kingdom!
Much have happened since the last entry. Firstly, there's the this renewed outlook in life after my sessions with Asiaworks. Not a 'cult' but neither are they soft and nice about how they process the participants in helping us to see our potential in life.

Simply put this workshop forces myself to look, once again, deeply into my life and begin to be aware of my beliefs and intentions that are governing my attitudes and actions in life. Because it is very personal and can be rather harrowing, this is certainly not for the squemish. However, it enables myself to begin to be honest with my life and to make concrete commitments on the decisions I make daily. I am beginning to be more focused with my work and am taking steps to come out of my 'coccoon'. My self-confidence level has also taken a shot upwards. So the workshop has been a great help in allowing to see my ministry in a more focused and confident way than ever before. There still some more work that needs to be done, of course, but it is less fearful now to meet challenges that come up ahead.

Also celebrated my first wedding Mass yesterday. Now I can consider myself a 'veteran' of sorts.

Then there are several sessions with the Catechists to reorganise them into a more cohesive and committed group to see them properly into the year 2004. The same can be said for the Altar Servers and the RCIA team. Things are moving quickly to consolidate all these various organisations and trying to help them all see where they are suppose to head and what to do to achieve their respective goals.

The good Lord provides for those who are willing to commit themselves in the 'enterprise' of building his Kingdom.

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