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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

The only day I can breathe easy...

Going to spend some quality time off at the beach and watch the waves pound the shore and the ships that dot the horizon. The day is cloudy but it isn't raining yet (if at all, the skies can be rather fickle...). Have several items I need to mull over. One is the coming Elders' retreat this Saturday afternoon. What can a young punk like myself share with our elder generation who have seen much of the world (and then some) and now facing the twilight of their years that is unfolding before them. They could tell me a thing or two about living!

Anyway, the rhythm of my ministry seems to be much more manageable as I slowly gain more and more experiences in the activities that I do in this parish. It is never easy but the little wonder and beauty that show themselves in the slices of life sort of compensate for it. Still, we have those that seem to have this innate ability to want to blame God for all their problems or shortfall in life. Everyone is at fault except themselves...

The beach beckons!...

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