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Saturday, April 05, 2003

The World Is A Changing
Was out of action the past week due to the sniffles and cough. Didn't get any chance to assist at Masses, let alone go for one. All to avoid spreading the germrs around and getting more infected by others. With the SARS outbreak that has been playing havoc to the society, no one is taking any chances.

The churches have also taken a few extraordinary measures to allay the fears of the parishioners. Communion by hands only, no holding of hands during the Lord's Prayer and shaking of hands during the Lamb of God. Now we are to refrain from kissing the cross during Good Friday services as it will be used only to give a final blessing before we are dismissed.

Schools are still out and will open up in stages, with the JCs on the 9th Apr, secondary on the 14th and lastly the primary on the 16th April. Our catechism classes therefore will only reopen after Easter Sunday on the 26th/27th April. What an amazing chain of events that follow in the wake of the SARS outbreak!

Meanwhile, the Iraq conflict has taken a slight step back from the limelight even as the American and British juggernauts blast their way into the capital, Baghdad. Looks like the Allies may get their way in this war to 'free Iraq' from the dictator, Saddam Hussein. After that it's anybody's guess how well the country can pull out of the mess it is in...

As for myself, I have preaching to do this weekend and hopefully my voice can still hold on the pulpit. My voicebox is a littel numb from all the medication and coughing that I tend to sound raspy and hoarse. Still, the show must go on...

Pax vobiscum!

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