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Friday, April 25, 2003

Exams and Living with SARs
Tonight I have to present an item for the youths' YES! (Youth Exam Service) experience for those who are preparing for their coming exams. I have some idea of what I would like to say to them but I know when the actual time comes along I would eventually present something that would be totally different from what I have originally planned. Still, something must be said to help them see that one need no fear too much about such things. Trouble is in a society such as Singapore and her exam system, failure is not an option. So, I may be caught between a rock and the hard ground (is that how the saying goes...?).

Meanwhile, the week that just ended has been relatively quiet and peaceful. Despite the report of the increase of SARS cases and closures of several food outlets and a market, life seems to cruising on normal mode. There is some debate over at BBC as to whether the quarantine measures done up by the government is rather restrictive and against individual rights. Well, if all these measures or whatever that comes up along the way is the only proper way to contain the spread of the disease and prevent unwanted death, I say go ahead. Whoever at BBC hasn't been in a SARS 'war zone' or experience the delibitating symptom that would lead to death if left too late for treatment. It always has to come down to some 'good of the society' versus the individual and not taking the overall situation at hand.

Anyway, Holy Family is still functioning and her parishioners are their usual self, but of course, with the necessary precautions being in placed. So, we are a rather level headed bunch and try to live as normal as we can. With God's grace we'll live to see another day.

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