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Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Clearing Some Cobwebs
Had the occasion today to clear some cobwebs from my mind when I decided to get some fresh air and took a jog down by the East Coast beach. When I stopped to take a breather (I'm not getting any younger!) I stood by the sandy beach and saw a plane flying off into the clouds. When I turned to the back I gazed into the tall fir trees that were swaying gently in the breeze. On my right were several fishing boats lying above the waterline with the fishing nets let out to dry. I got the feeling that the gentle spirit of God is reassuring me on with what I am doing now and where I am to go next. The word that suddenly springs to mind is 'Duc in altum!' The command of Jesus to Peter to throw out the nets into the far deep. I am called to brace myself and make that movement into the deep end of my vocation. It this parish that I am in, there are many 'deep ends'.

It's amazing how an insignicant setting like this can be so filled with the divine. Perhaps it is because we don't take too good a time off to stop and smell the roses a little. Perhaps we are afraid to stop and consolidate knowing that, when we do, we may need a complete overhaul of our lives. That is why this period coming up, the Lenten season may be an opportune to slow down and take a long hard look at ourselves. St Paul would call this the 'favourable time'.

Whatever it may be, I pray that my stay and home here in this parish would be a time of grace for me to know more about what it means to serve and not be served.

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