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Friday, March 14, 2003

The Change Within
I have just finished interviewing 6 Sec. 4 students who are being prepared for their Confirmation late this April. Most are ready, a few are not. But all have experienced something that allowed them to make up their minds about what Confirmation is or is not for them.

It is no easy step for some of them as they have to grapple with their inner feelings, their family life and how all these are impinging onto their own perspective of life. This can bring about many doubts and confusion they can do without. Still, for them to see through all this from primary catechism to Confirmation year is a feat on its own, one that the Spirit of God has seen to.

Meanwhile, the world goes on its own way. The prayer for peace has garnered some miraculous effect in that the impending war in Iraq, and all that comes with it, has suddenly taken a different route. A little backing off by the relevant superpowers has increased the chance for more dialogue and settlement of the conflict without any bloodshed... Perhaps the world is trying to do its Lenten conversion of sorts!

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