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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Beginning of the End...
The eve of probably the worst of all that may come...

Tomorrow we will know what's the outcome will be between USA and Iraq. The waiting game will end then and the fate of the world will be decided. Kevin has a more intimate and closer insight to what is really happening at the center of the action. While all that is happening in and around Iraq and others around the USA and her allies, the rest of this part of the world are slowly trying to make some sense of the effects already seeping into their lives. Economic slowdown and retrenchments are the more common signs that things may not be getting better any sooner.

But down here in Holy Family, despite the uneasiness and all the wondering as to where have all our prayers gone to in praying for peace, life is as per normal. The new church website is on its way to be release soon by April, baptism preparations for the RCIA are now in full swing and the food places here are still doing a roaring business. Just this afternoon had lunch with some old friends at the Ampang Niang Tou Fu place across the road. They are my godson's uncle and his family. Together with his wife Majella and son Julian they hired a car for the day and went for a spin and ended up in the parish here. They were also accompanied by his brother who played the navigator. Since the school holiday is still on, they decided to do some 'makan angin' . Later, I may take a walk down to Parkway Parade and get a haircut...

So, while the world is on the brink of a potential meltdown, life here still carries on with great semblance of calm and a nonchalant attitude. Well, it is better than running around like headless chickens - too tiring!

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