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Monday, February 10, 2003

Soaking In...
'Tis getting difficult to blog regularly these days since my stay began here at Holy Family. Too many things to do and astonishingly amount of people to encounter that most of time has been spend trying to soak in the culture and lifestyle within this parish.

So what have transpired so far? Here's the lowdown...

- There are interesting characters that populate the church of every parish and Holy Family is no exception. So far, encountered a self-professed mental patient, a 'Water Mary', an after mass well-wisher who also bombards you with his life history that you can't distinguish between fact or fiction and a handful of others rhat would make one's life colorful.

- Meetings, meetings and meetings! No lack of those around...

- Had an opportunity to experience something different in the Faith and Light community. A special 'branch' of the L'arche community, I joined in their anniversary yesterday at the Blessed Sacrament. Parents of 'special' and difficult children shared on their life with such children and during my session with the children had the opportunity to experience what it is like to deal with a child that may be autistic or with Down's syndrome. I admire the parents of these children for their love on them and the tremendous sacrifice and difficulties they have to put with daily.

- the day of my ordination is slowly reaching its reality. Things are in place and almost all is set. It only needs the four of us to be there and the Archbishop to put us in the ranks of clerics...

This deacon-elect is seeing his life taking on a considerable change of paradigm and perception. Life promises more rollercoaster rides that I may have to start strapping on for dear life now!

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